The Importance Of Regular Professional Drain Cleanings

When you budget time for house cleaning, there could be one crucial task that you are forgetting. But it should be on your annual to-do list. Fortunately, all you have to do is call (262) 710-2808 to schedule your professional yearly drain cleaning with the pros at Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing. Our licensed plumber will take care of everything else to ensure that your Waukesha home’s drains are clean and clog-free before your hectic holiday schedule begins.

There is nothing worse than a clogged sink or tub when you have holiday guests. But there are many reasons that you should be keeping up with annual professional drain cleanings, including:

  • Increased Function – Clean drains simply work better. You have no grime and residue snagging the bits of debris that you are trying to wash away. A clean drain allows water, waste, and contaminants to flow out of your home as quickly and completely as possible.
  • Longevity – Well-cared-for and regularly cleaned drains will last longer. Think about the process of replacing the drains in your home. It will entail holes in the floors, walls, and ceilings to access the existing drain lines and replace them with new piping. And while that process is underway, there will be no using water in your home. So plan on no cooking, bathing, or use of toilets for a few days. Then there is the more significant concern of the cost to replace all of the pipes.
  • Less Odor – Have you ever wondered about that funky smell coming from your drains? It is not pleasant. But do you think about the contamination that is creating the odor? There is a massive amount of dirty water, food waste, and even human waste that travels through the drain lines in your home. And over the years, that mess is sure to leave remnants inside the drains. All of that gunk is going to remain inside the pipes until you have them professionally cleaned. However, with regular cleaning, that residue and smell will not be building for years.
  • Reduction Of Pipe Damage – When you clean your home, many cleaning products are used in the process. From the toilet bowl cleaner to the foam you spray on the shower, there are many chemicals in the products. But what you might not be thinking about is where they go when you rinse them away from the surface they are cleaning. All those various cleaning products end up in your home’s drain lines. And while most of it can be rinsed away, any remaining chemical residue will begin to corrode and damage your home’s drain lines.
  • Eliminate Overflow Worries – The sticky residue inside a drain line will create a blockage that is sure to lead to a backup somewhere in your home’s drain system. And without fast action on your part, there could be a nasty overflow. The water damage is only part of the problem. The potential contamination from human waste and other debris is also a significant concern. But with regular drain cleaning, you have no more worries of clogs that will cause raw sewage to back up into your home and create a horrendous mess.

The Wonder Of Professional Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners love that this cleaning project is handled by the licensed plumbers at Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing. But the other part that excites them is that the cleaning uses nothing but a jet of pure water. There are no chemicals or harsh fumes to worry about, and the job is guaranteed to eliminate clogs and scum inside the house’s drain lines. Call (262) 710-2808 to schedule your professional drain cleaning today and forget about drain clogs for the rest of the year.