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Brian Schneider
Brian Schneider
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" Needed an outdoor faucet and shutoff replaced. Working with Jeff and Tim was an excellent experience. Work was done on time and priced as quoted. I strongly recommend Jeff's Plumbing."
Kevin Tomamichel
Kevin Tomamichel
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" Jeff was very kind and professional. Went above and beyond to keep my newborn safe from any dust and debris. He replaced my drain stack in only a few hours. I highly recommend Jeff. Fair price and explained very well what the issue was. I will never use another plumber. Thanks again Jeff! "
Valerie McNally
Valerie McNally
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" Jeff’s custom care plumbing was instrumental in our home kitchen remodeling project. They were able to relocate pipes and drains. Install a reverse osmosis system, garbage disposal, dishwasher and faucet. They were always able and willing to work with my time lines. I will definitely use them again."
Chase Nicoson
Chase Nicoson
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" Awesome guy straight and to the point. Had helpful tips and gets the job done efficiently. Definitely would recommend to a friend! "
Gregg Pawelski
Gregg Pawelski
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" Jeff and his crew have been valuable resources for me, installing on renovations, quick repair times for my businesses and rental units. They are counted on by me for any and all repairs and installations and never let me down. They are timely, organized and professional, and will always come through for you! "

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Waukesha, WI

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can breathe new life into some of the most often used parts of your home. When you think about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you may envision new countertops, new cabinetry, brand-new showers, sinks, tubs, toilets, and other components, but you should also consider the new plumbing that remodeling in Waukesha, WI entails. Fortunately, the plumbers at Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing can provide the new plumbing installation that your bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Waukesha, WI needs. Our commitment to your complete satisfaction combined with our promise of upfront and honest pricing makes us a premier plumbing remodeling contractor in the area.

Plumbing: The Unseen Part of the Remodel

When most people picture kitchen or bathroom remodeling in Waukesha, WI, they don’t give much thought to the plumbing that has to be updated. There’s nothing wrong with that fact since your plumbing system is largely unseen and unthought of until there’s an issue. However, if part of your remodeling plan involves moving your sink, dishwasher, shower, or tub to a different position in the room, the plumbing that makes those components operate will have to be moved as well.

While relocating items in your kitchen and bathroom facilitates the need for new plumbing in your house, there are also benefits to having this new plumbing installed that go beyond meeting the needs of your new kitchen and bathroom. Depending on the age of your existing plumbing system, your plumbing system may be completely outdated. Older homes have copper plumbing in them, which can produce discolored water that can stain your clothes and skin and often comes with a weird taste. If your existing plumbing is showing signs of a breakdown, the new plumbing that comes with your remodeled spaces can bring your plumbing system up to date and cut down on the risk of future issues.

Call the licensed professionals now for remodeling in Waukesha, WI: (262) 710-2808!

Common Issues With Plumbing Pipes

Outside of the age of your plumbing pipes, there are other issues that facilitate the need for pipe repair in Waukesha, WI. If all of your pipes ever had to carry was water, there would be very little to worry about, but that is simply not the case. There are minerals, calcium, and other elements in the water that flows to your house that can build up on the inside of your water lines over time while also wearing down the lining of the inside of your water lines.

The substances that plumbing pipes carry away from your home also add to the need for pipe repair in Waukesha, WI. Food debris, grease, and other substances that go down your kitchen sink or garbage disposal can lead to major clogs in the sewer lines of your residence. Those clogs can eventually grow, especially when combined with hair, soap, toilet paper residue, and other substances that come from bathroom sinks, showers, and toilets. Over time, these clogs can produce breaks in your water lines and wreak havoc on your plumbing system.

Large clogs, broken lines, and poorly fitting connections are among the most common plumbing problems. Fortunately, our team of professionally licensed plumbers knows how to quickly locate the damaged pipe in your plumbing system and can help you decide between repair and repiping.

A Fresh Look at Old Plumbing

Having your bathroom or kitchen remodeled provides a great opportunity to really open things up and take a look at the current systems that make your home operate. That includes the chance to have one of our plumbers thoroughly inspect every part of the plumbing system in those rooms. While routine plumbing maintenance may allow us to get a look at the easily visible parts of the plumbing in your house, a remodel often means that drywall is removed, pipes are exposed, and our plumbers can get a great look at the often-unseen components of your plumbing.

Taking advantage of this opportunity for an inspection allows a professionally licensed plumber to identify any potential problems in your plumbing while also making recommendations about what can be done to update your plumbing in conjunction with your room remodels. Our plumbers can also provide some advice about how certain appliances and components of your kitchen and bathroom may need to be laid out in order to work with your current plumbing system.

Always Trust a Pro With Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

When you choose a contractor to perform your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, you probably didn’t just pick the first person with a toolbox that you know. Instead, you went with a professional contractor who came highly recommended by past clients. It’s crucial that you take the same care when choosing the plumber who will perform the plumbing tasks associated with your remodel.

A professionally licensed plumber will know how to tie the new plumbing into your existing system when possible, which cuts down on your expenses and the time that will be required. Having one of our plumbers perform the job also means that you can be assured that your new plumbing will meet any requirements that are set forth by local coding laws. If you chose a professional contractor to remodel your space, you should select a professional plumber to make sure the finished product is efficient, practical, and ready for you to use.

The Best Plumbing Remodel in Waukesha, WI

When the kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Waukesha, WI is done and the spaces are ready to use, you want to know that everything is going to work as good as it looks. That’s why you want to trust the new plumbing in your newly remodeled spaces to the best in your area. Call Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing today at (262) 710-2808 to find out how we can ensure that your new space has the new plumbing that it needs.

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