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What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Pedestal Sump Pump?

If you have water in your home, a pedestal sump pump can be an effective and convenient tool. However, there are some drawbacks to this kind of pump. Before setting up this system in your place, think about whether its advantages would make the investment worthwhile.


A pedestal sump pump can help you redirect water outside in case of flooding, but you need to realize that this type of system has its limits. Unlike a stronger submersible sump pump, a pedestal version might have a hard time keeping up with very high demands. If your home is prone to heavy flooding, this kind of unit might not be the right fit. However, it would work well if you need it to remove water on a smaller scale.


Submersible sump pumps are placed underneath the ground, out of the way, but pedestal sump pumps are placed on the ground. You’ll need to find space to accommodate this kind of unit. If it’s located in an area with frequent traffic, make sure everyone knows it’s there so they don’t bump into it.


A pedestal sump pump doesn’t always need to be on, but when it is, it can make quite a bit of noise. If it’s located on a floor where you spend a lot of time, its noise might start to bother you. You might even hear it if you’re upstairs and it’s working hard in the basement.

Easy to Maintain and Repair

It’s important to highlight that a pedestal sump pump will be relatively easy to maintain and repair. A plumber will be able to access its internal components without too much trouble. In addition, its location above the ground gives you the opportunity to notice issues sooner rather than later. If it’s making strange noises or vibrating excessively, for example, there’s a good chance that you’ll pick up on the issue. You can then call for help and get things resolved.


Perhaps the biggest advantage to a pedestal sump pump is its affordable cost. These kinds of systems are cheaper than submersible versions. This can be an important factor when shopping for a unit, especially if it’s something that you might not use very frequently.

Take Many Things Into Consideration

When you’re thinking about what kind of sump pump would work best for your home, consider financial factors as well as those related to maintenance, repair, noise, location, and capabilities. In many situations, pedestal sump pumps make a lot of sense. If you ever require assistance with sump pump service in Waukesha, WI, give us a call at Jeff’s Custom Care.