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Brian Schneider
Brian Schneider
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" Needed an outdoor faucet and shutoff replaced. Working with Jeff and Tim was an excellent experience. Work was done on time and priced as quoted. I strongly recommend Jeff's Plumbing."
Kevin Tomamichel
Kevin Tomamichel
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" Jeff was very kind and professional. Went above and beyond to keep my newborn safe from any dust and debris. He replaced my drain stack in only a few hours. I highly recommend Jeff. Fair price and explained very well what the issue was. I will never use another plumber. Thanks again Jeff! "
Valerie McNally
Valerie McNally
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" Jeff’s custom care plumbing was instrumental in our home kitchen remodeling project. They were able to relocate pipes and drains. Install a reverse osmosis system, garbage disposal, dishwasher and faucet. They were always able and willing to work with my time lines. I will definitely use them again."
Chase Nicoson
Chase Nicoson
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" Awesome guy straight and to the point. Had helpful tips and gets the job done efficiently. Definitely would recommend to a friend! "
Gregg Pawelski
Gregg Pawelski
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" Jeff and his crew have been valuable resources for me, installing on renovations, quick repair times for my businesses and rental units. They are counted on by me for any and all repairs and installations and never let me down. They are timely, organized and professional, and will always come through for you! "

Plumber in Muskego, WI

Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing is a locally owned and operated business that has been providing all types of plumbing services to our friends and neighbors for years. We tackle projects both large and small with the same dedication and expertise. Not only do we strive to earn your business, but we also deliver first-rate results on every assignment. Our commitment to up front, honest pricing and complete customer satisfaction ensures that ours is the name people think of when they’re seeking a plumber in Muskego, WI. Whether you need emergency plumbing repairs, routine plumbing maintenance or new plumbing systems installed in your home, our company is the right choice for you.

Does Your Water Heater Need Repairs?

Nothing is more frustrating than expecting to start your day with a warm shower only to be greeted by a quick blast of cold water. If your water heater isn’t meeting your hot water needs, our team has the answers you’re looking for. Since water heaters in Muskego, WI are an essential part of a home’s plumbing system, you need a plumber in Muskego, WI who is licensed to work on these devices. Our plumbers are trained on how to repair all makes and models of water heaters whether they rely on electricity or gas as their power source. If you have any suspicion that your water heater is not functioning properly, call us asap.

Call the honest and reliable plumber in Muskego, WI now! Dial (262) 710-2808 for more information!

Why Clients Need Home Water Filtration Systems

Each year, everyday Americans throw away millions of plastic water bottles that end up in landfills somewhere. In a time when many people have made the decision to try to be more eco-friendly, starting with the reduction of personal waste is a great first step. Installing a home water filtration system in Muskego, WI allows you to do your part to cut down on the amount of plastic while still having clean, delicious water to drink and cook with. These filtration systems reduce the amount of chlorine that you taste when you drink water straight from your tap.

Benefits of Sump Pump Installation

Sump pump installation in Muskego, WI offers a variety of benefits. Many people don’t realize it, but real estate industry experts say that having a sump pump installed in a home increases a property’s value. This means that when you hire a plumber in Muskego, WI to install a sump pump for you, you’re making a sound investment. One of these pumps will ensure that there is never standing water in your crawl space or basement to produce mold and mildew. Bacterial growth is dangerous for anyone to inhale, but it can be even more risky for people with asthma, allergies or other respiratory issues.

New Plumbing Installation Along With Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Performing bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Muskego, WI allows you to breathe fresh life into some of the most used spaces in your home. However, new counters, cabinets, toilets and showers are only half of the remodeling process. It’s also important that you find a plumber in Muskego, WI to remodel your plumbing system. When you relocate sinks, dishwashers, toilets and tubs, you will also need to relocate the plumbing that carries water to and from those components. You should always use a licensed plumber to perform these plumbing tasks.

Repairing and Replacing Gas Lines

A leaky gas line is an emergency situation that requires immediate help from a competent plumber. The gas that your home relies on for heating, cooling and other needs is a great convenience when it’s contained properly, but when it fills a living space unchecked, it can do serious harm to you and your family. It’s naturally colorless and odorless, but the utility company adds a noticeable scent for safety reasons. At the first indication of leaking gas lines in Muskego, WI, you need to quickly find a plumber who can get the issue repaired correctly.

What Are Well Pumps and Pressure Tanks?

If you’re fortunate enough to have a natural source of water on your property, you will need a well pump and pressure tank in Muskego, WI. The pressure tank is the component that holds the supply of water you rely on in your home while the well pump is responsible for transporting that water to the tank. If either of these parts begins to malfunction, you should contact a plumber who can repair the issue quickly, effectively and affordably.

Simply the Best Plumbing Services

Whether you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency or you’re having a new piece of plumbing equipment installed, you’ll want to work with the best plumber in Muskego, WI. Call Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing today at (262) 710-2808 to find out more about our services and how we can meet all of your plumbing needs.

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