Water Filter Cartridge

Plumbing Experts Can Help You Find Water Treatment for Your Needs

Wisconsin residents often have to deal with hard water. Whether your water is rich in iron or loaded with calcium and magnesium, it’s possible to treat it to remove odd odors or unpleasant tastes. Even if you can’t taste the minerals in your water, they can create problems in your plumbing and appliances.

Focus on the Visible

If you’re not sure of the mineral content of your water, take a look at your shower head. As water evaporates off this device, it leaves behind deposits of any minerals in the water. If you can see white scale on your shower head, calcium may be building up inside your plumbing pipes.

You may notice a small rust stain under a dripping faucet on your tub. Excess iron in your water might be the cause. If your water ever smells like rotten eggs, iron is likely the cause. Signs of hard water such as calcium build-up and rust should not be ignored.

If you take a calcium or iron supplement, you may wonder if having these minerals readily available in your water is a positive thing. Unfortunately, water that is heavy in these minerals may also carry other minerals that are not good for you. Additionally, not all minerals present in your drinking water are bioavailable; your body may not be able to absorb them from your drinking water or cooking use.

Consider the Placement of Your Water Treatment

For those who have very hard water, the best place to put your filtration tools might be just inside your home on the main water line. Placing filtration or a softener at the beginning of your home water supply path is an excellent way to protect all the plumbing in your home.

Take the time to create a location for your softener or filter that can be easily checked. It’s extremely rare for these filtration units to leak after professional installation, but you will need to address any drips as soon as they occur.

Rely on Your Plumber for Maintenance and Updates

Your filter or softener will probably need maintenance at some point in the future. Working with a skilled plumber makes it easier to obtain maintenance tools, such as filters, seals and O-rings. A water amendment system that can’t be updated or maintained is not a good investment.

If you’re concerned about the purity of the water in your Waukesha, WI home, book an appointment with Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing for a test.