Is Your Home Plagued With Water Pressure Issues?

One of many homeowners’ biggest complaints regarding their home’s plumbing is the water pressure. It might have been great when they moved in, but now they complain about low water pressure and are looking for answers. Hopefully, they have acted quickly as they noticed their water pressure decreasing. This can be an indication of a severe water leak or other problem that can be repaired rather cost-effectively if addressed quickly by a licensed plumber.

The Isolated Pressure Drop

If you have noticed that there is only a pressure issue with a single faucet or fixture, the issue is typically very easy to fix. There could be a leak in that particular water service line, or the problem lies in the fixture. It is not uncommon for a fixture valve to become corroded and fail to open completely. Replacing the faucet is typically all that is needed. However, if you try that and still suffer from low pressure, call your plumber immediately to head of significant water damage from a leaking water line.

Low Pressure Everywhere

Low water pressure throughout your home can be caused by a number of reasons. And in almost every case, you will need the help of a licensed plumber to locate the problem and correct it. If you are curious and want to troubleshoot the issue, it is best to start at your water meter. Check to be sure that the shut-off valve at the meter is fully open. If the next device on your water supply line is a pressure regulator, that could be the culprit. These devices are installed in areas with extremely high water pressure. The valve is used to regulate the pressure to a level that is not hazardous to your home’s piping. However, these devices do wear out, which can result in pressure fluctuation in your home. A licensed plumber can test the unit to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

If you have no pressure regulator, the next issue to consider is older galvanized water lines. It is not uncommon for the main supply line for your home to become clogged with corrosion. That corrosion will slowly decrease the size of the pipe and the amount of water that can flow through it into your home. If the decrease in water pressure was very gradual, this is a reasonable explanation for the issue. Unfortunately, the solution is typically to replace the old water line with a new material that will not succumb to corrosion in the future.

A Sudden Pressure Drop

If the drop in pressure at your home has occurred suddenly or rapidly, the prognosis is less appealing. In most cases, the issue is related to a severe water leak. For example, homes built on a concrete slab foundation are known to have issues with a pressure drop when there is a leak under the slab. These leaks can be hard to discover as they are under concrete, but you will notice the loss of water pressure very quickly. The pressure loss can also be accompanied by grit or dirt contamination in your water supply.

Act Quickly

Fast action is essential whenever you notice a change in your home’s water pressure or water quality. These are indications that there is a leak somewhere that could be causing severe water damage. In just a day or two, even a smaller leak can create enough moisture to promote potentially harmful black mold growth. The smart choice is a call to (262) 710-2808 for assistance from the licensed plumbers at Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing. We offer 24/7 emergency service, free price quotes, and a comprehensive warranty.