Everything You Should Know About Wet Wipes

When you are thinking about an upgrade for your home, plumbing fixtures might be high on the list. But usually, the reason is to create a new look or follow a current design trend. Unfortunately, few homeowners look to plumbing fixtures when they are interested in making their homes more efficient. But with the popularity of touchless faucets, that oversight is coming to an end very quickly. Many homeowners are discovering that these very fashionable faucet options also offer several other benefits that traditional faucets cannot compete with.

Convenience At Every Sink

Your first thought might be that a touchless faucet would be perfect for the kitchen. You often have your hands full of dishes or covered in cookie dough, and you need the water turned on. In the past, that meant sitting down what was in your hands or touching the handle with sticky hands. Now, just wave your hand, or that dirty coffee cup, in front of the sensor, and you have all the water you need.

An added benefit of these innovative faucets is that they are perfect for older folks who have difficulty gripping and turning on taps. Hand injuries or arthritis can make it very difficult and even painful to use a traditional faucet. But with a touchless faucet, anyone can have easy access to water with a swipe of their hand.

Save Water And Cash

Do you leave the water on while you brush your teeth or scrub pots and pans in the kitchen sink? If you said yes, you should also know that you are wasting about two gallons of water each minute. Maybe you don’t want to touch the faucet handle with greasy hands, or perhaps you are not thinking about it. But the water and your hard-earned money keep flowing right down the drain. However, one of the best features of a touchless faucet is that it also automatically turns off. So when your hands are not tripping the sensor as you brush your teeth, the faucet takes care of conserving water for you. This is also a great feature if you find yourself running to answer the door or grab your phone and forget to shut off the water.

An Important Health Benefit

If we have learned anything over the last year, it is the importance of good hygiene to reduce the spread of germs. And it is essential to be diligent even in our own homes. Touchless faucets are one of the best ways to stop the spread of germs and contaminants throughout your home. In the kitchen, you should never touch a faucet after handling raw meat. But until this innovative faucet, you had to touch the handle to turn on the water to wash your hands. Now simply wave your contaminated hand past the sensor, and the water is turned on and ready to wash away any harmful bacteria or germs.

You have always been told to wash your hands before leaving the bathroom. But how often did you stop and clean the faucet handle after touching it with dirty hands? The spread of germs and bacteria at a bathroom sink is unbelievable because no one thinks about what is on the faucet handle or when it should be disinfected. But you can eliminate this germy surface and the concerns that go with it. Simply opt for a touchless faucet.

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