What Does Regular Water Heater Maintenance Offer You?

Most consumers are pretty good about regular service and maintenance for items like their car and air conditioner. We all learn very quickly that these are essential items in our lives. And we have no desire to live without them. We also have no desire to pay a fortune to have them repaired because we were not providing a little TLC. But the unsung hero of your home that rarely gets the small amount of maintenance it needs is the water heater. Without it, you are doomed to endure cold showers. But somehow, you have a hard time making the time to have it serviced each year.

Is Water Heater Service Important?

If you value hot water and everything stored near your water heater, then the answer is yes. One simple visit each year can help avoid costly issues like hot water flooding your basement or a cold shower. But it also offers more efficient operation of your water heater every day of the year.

Sediment and mineral build-up are your water heater’s biggest nemesis. But it is easy to eliminate most potential water heater problems in just about an hour. Draining and flushing your water heater each year is the best way to avoid many issues, from a leaking tank to less pleasant hot water.

Why Sediment Is Deadly For A Water Heater

All water contains a trace amount of, or sometimes more, mineral particles. The sediment settles to the bottom of your water heater’s holding tank. It will eventually begin to degrade the tank wall. Once this happens, you could notice areas on the tank that look like they are bubbling or starting to rust. Soon, there will be drops of water seeping through this damaged part of the holding tank. And if you do not see the deterioration in time, the tank will be completely compromised and flood your home.

But long before the sediment ruins the holding tank, it will be robbing you of some of your hard-earned money. As the sediment builds up in the tank, it forms a layer of insulation between the water and the heating element. The more sediment that accumulates, the harder your water heater has to work to provide you with hot water. And when the unit is overworked, it is consuming more energy than necessary. So if your electric bill is inching up every month, the culprit could be the mineral build-up in your water heater tank.

Leave Water heater Service To The Pros

If draining and flushing your water heater does not sound like a great Saturday afternoon project, then leave the job to the pros. You will be happy to know that a licensed plumber will do a lot more than draining the tank and flushing it when you schedule an annual water heater inspection and service. It’s like when you change the oil in your car rather than having it done. The mechanic does a multi-point inspection of many parts of your vehicle. But you just pull the drain plug, watch the oil flow out, replace it, and call it a day.

A licensed plumber will inspect the tank for potential wear and tear, check the pressure relief valve’s function, inspect the anode rod, drain the unit, and flush it. So think of it as the full-service package for your water heater. And you don’t even have to take it anywhere like you do your car. Call (262) 710-2808, and a licensed plumber from Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing will visit your home to ensure your water heater is functioning at its peak.