Everything You Should Know About Wet Wipes

Most homeowners are quick to agree that wet wipes are a modern miracle. They have turned many cleaning nightmares into very manageable tasks. From wiping the counter and disinfecting surfaces to personal hygiene, wet wipes have revolutionized how we live and keep our surroundings clean and sanitary. However, these wonderful tools also have a downside. The same durability that makes them ideal for your toughest cleaning jobs also makes them murder for your home’s plumbing system. Even the moist wipes that claim to be flushable are not suitable for your drains.

What Does Flushable Mean

If you ask a curious five-year-old, flushable refers to just about anything small enough to magically disappear when you push the little lever. Kids are famous for flushing everything from mittens and socks to a sibling’s favorite toy or a bad report card. But all of those things are going to create terrible clogs. And that is how many licensed plumbers know exactly what kids have been attempting to flush.

It does not take long for that foreign object to become lodged in the drain line and create a horrendous clog. Soon Mom or Dad is on the phone and scheduling an emergency plumbing visit to clear the clog. And almost always, it is something that should never have been flushed in the first place.

The No-Flush List

The no-flush list is almost endless. It is much easier to provide a list of what is acceptable to flush down the toilet. However, that list included only two items. Human waste and toilet paper are the only two items that should ever find their way into a toilet bowl and down the drain.

Even adults can have a hard time following that short list of flushable. And licensed plumbers know that because they also drag out many items used by adults and then attempt to flush. The worst offenders include:

  • Cotton balls
  • Cotton swabs
  • Bandages
  • Dental floss
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Moist wipes

Most adults think that anything as small as these items should swoosh right down the drain, creating no issues in the drain lines. But that is far from the truth. When they hit the water, most of these items begin to swell and have difficulty flowing through the twists and turns in your home’s drain lines. And things like dental floss and loose hair are easily snagged by the sticky residue and soap scum that lines drain pipes. Soon a blockage has formed that is sure to create a nasty flood of raw sewage in your home.

Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable?

Sure, you like the convenience and extra clean feeling delivered by a moist wipe, but is it worth a flood of sewage in your house? The manufacturer says that it is flushable. But any licensed plumber that you speak to will caution you against flushing any moist wipe, even if it claims to be safe for your drains. So the question is, whom should you believe? Do you trust the company who wants you to buy their product or the guy who has been dragging moist wipes from drain lines across? They both stand to make more money if you use these wipes, but your plumber is looking out for his clients and their drain pipes. He knows that if you use flushable wipes, it will lead to costly clogs or even a sewage flood contaminating your home. 

If you have been using wet wipes and flushing them, make the smart choice and call (262) 710-2808 for a professional drain cleaning and clog removal from the pros at Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing to avoid a huge mess.