Leaking of water from stainless steel sink pipe on isolated on white background

When Should You Choose Repiping?

When you have problems with your pipes, you can either repair or replace them. Most minor issues, such as a pinhole leak, can benefit from a quick repair that takes only a few hours to complete. Serious problems require more extensive fixes and may even require that you replace all of your pipes. It’s easy to learn when repiping is the best option for your Waukesha, WI home and how the service benefits you.

Outdated Pipes

Repiping is often the best solution if you have old and outdated pipes. Some homes in Waukesha are old enough that they have wood lines running from the street. Those built before the 1980s will usually have galvanized pipes that are prone to rust. Galvanized pipes can last for as long as four decades but often show signs of damage sooner. There are also copper pipes that last longer. PEX pipes are more popular among plumbers today because they can hold up to sharp temperature changes and require little maintenance. If you have older or outdated pipes, consider repiping.

Corrosion and Damage

The metal pipes found in Waukesha homes are susceptible to corrosion. Also known as rusting, this often affects older pipes. It is a big sign that your pipes are failing and need to be replaced. The rusty spots on the outside of the pipes show that leaks can form and that you may even have some leaks already. Whether you have pipes beneath your home or running through your walls, seeing rust on one lets you know that the others have just as much corrosion. Repiping them will save you money long term.

Multiple Leaks

Another sign that you need repiping services is when you see multiple leaks around your home. While the cost of fixing one leak is often affordable, you may find that the fix fails because it is not strong enough. The cost of the job will also increase based on the number of leaks our plumber finds, which can include some hidden in your walls and floors. Many Waukesha homes have multiple leaks that appear during or after winter due to the sharp temperature changes.

Cracks and Water Damage

You should also consider repiping when you see big signs of water damage around your home such as cracks and stains. Those signs indicate leaks that are not visible to the naked eye and show the accumulation of water in different areas. Though you have the option of replacing only a small section of the pipe, repiping is usually better. This service allows you to replace all of the damaged pipes at the same time.

Water pipes do not last forever, but repiping can give you the new pipes that you need. Learn about how long repiping takes and the costs you face when you call our team at Jeff’s Custom Care today.