Contractor installing and repairing water pumping station. Borehole water pump.

Signs You Need Professional Well Pump Maintenance

Located right on the Fox River, Waukesha is a city in Wisconsin that is close to Minneapolis. When you live on the outskirts of the city or in a more rural area, you likely have a well and a well pump. When the pump works as it should, you always have fresh and clean water for your home. Looking at the signs that you need professional well pump maintenance ensures that you take care of problems as soon as possible and that you save money on costly repairs.

Cloudy Water

A common sign that you need well pump maintenance is when you see dirty or cloudy water coming from your faucets and taps. Sediment in Waukesha can easily get into your water, including calcium and other minerals. When there is damage to the filter, it may allow more dirt and sediment to come through with the water. Dark and cloudy water can also indicate that you have the filter in the wrong place or that the pump is too strong for your well.

Spitting Faucets

If you turn on the faucet and see water spitting out of it, you might need well pump maintenance. This occurs when you have air in the pipe. A good pump will sit at the right height so that the only thing that comes through the pipe is your water. The pump may sit too low to the ground or at an angle due to one of the harsh winter storms that pass through Waukesha. Your faucets will keep spitting out water due to air mixing with the water until you fix the problem.

Cycling Issues

You should also look for cycling issues, which occur when the pump keeps running and then shuts itself off. Water pumps often shut down as a way to save water, but you do not want to hear it constantly turning itself on and off or hearing it run all day. This may happen because of damage to your check valve or too much pressure.

Strange Noises

A well pump may need maintenance because of the odd and strange noises that you hear too. These noises can range from banging and crashing sounds to the sounds of water moving. You may also hear other noises that you never heard before.

Well pumps in Waukesha may produce unusual noises when a spring storm adds too much water to the well or the well suffers contamination from local farms. If you hear odd noises and notice sediment in your water, water treatment can help.

Waukesha, Wisconsin is home to several small communities where people rely on wells for all of the water they need. Regular maintenance of the pump helps it last longer. Contact Jeff’s Custom Care when you need well pump maintenance in Waukesha or want to set up a maintenance schedule.