Contractor installing and repairing water pumping station. Borehole water pump.

Why Perform Well Maintenance in the Fall?

Maintenance of your private well is vital throughout the year, but it’s imperative to get it checked just before the wintry weather arrives. Waukesha’s winters are extremely cold with severe snow storms. Having your well pump break down during winter can result in an extremely uncomfortable situation for you and your family. Our Jeff’s Custom Care plumbers perform several tests to ensure your well is set for winter. Here are some reasons why:

To Find and Remove Contaminants

A quality test checks the water to ensure that it is free of contaminants that can make you and members of your household sick. This includes bacteria, other pathogens, and toxic metals such as lead and arsenic. If the water does have dangerous contaminants, our plumber can treat it before the well has a chance to ice over.

To Make Sure Submersible Pump Works Properly

The job of the submersible pump is to pull water from the bottom of your well and push it up into the freshwater lines in your home. It also keeps the water from flowing back into the well. These pumps sit at the bottom of your well and can be as much as 300 feet deep. Our plumber will inspect the pump and checks the valve to ensure they’re in undamaged shape and can deliver water to you throughout the winter, even after the top ices.

To Make Sure Electrical System Runs

Your electrical system keeps your well pump running. Low water pressure, no water, or intermittent fluctuations in the water flow may indicate an electrical problem. Damage to wires can be caused by freezing rain, pests, and storms. For safety reasons, professionals must address any issues promptly.

To Make Sure Water Flows at the Right Rate

Water is supposed to come into your home at an optimal rate measured as gallons per minute (GPM). Sometimes, your GPM may be higher than it should be, which stresses your system. On the other hand, a GPM that’s too low can be a sign of a clog or another blockage problem. Our plumbers can adjust your GPM during a fall well pump maintenance call and repair the clogs if necessary.

For over 20 years, the plumbers of Jeff’s Custom Care have been proudly serving our customers in and around Waukesha. As full-service plumbers, we not only make sure your well is ready for the brutal Wisconsin winters, but we also service your water heater, pipes, gas lines, and sump pumps. We can also re-pipe your home if you need it and help with remodeling and additions. So, for fall well pump maintenance, call Jeff’s Custom Care today.