Smart Savings Tips for Home Repiping

Taking on a home-repiping project may feel like a costly move, but there are some savvy strategies you can employ to make this essential investment in your home without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. The following practical approaches will not only upgrade your home’s infrastructure but also keep your repair budget intact.

Manage the Costs of Labor and Materials

Avoid choosing the first plumbing company that quotes you for the job. Ask around to get a feel for market rates, the factors that influence the costs, and companies that others have found to provide quality work for a reasonable price. It’s worth trying to get at least three or four quotes to ensure that you get a competitive price for the job.

However, remember that the least expensive option is not always the best because you want your dollars to go into quality work that withstands the test of time. You can also save money by buying the plumbing materials for the job in bulk, allowing you to take advantage of purchasing discounts that reduce the project’s overall costs.

Blend DIY With Project Management

Hiring a plumbing firm to do the work makes sense because you are paying for their expertise. However, you can minimize the labor time and costs by doing the “non-expert” work, such as clearing out spaces, moving furniture, and placing drop cloths. If you have the knowledge, you may also be able to manage the project to ensure that the workers maintain efficiency and coordinate their tasks to save time.

Keep Energy Efficiency in Mind

Saving money on your repiping project is more than reducing the initial job costs. You can swap out older fixtures for more modern, energy-efficient models that minimize water usage and lower your utility bill.

If you live in a cooler climate or have extreme cold temperatures during winter, you can save energy costs by insulating the new pipes. During cold weather, your water heater needs more energy to heat and maintain your home’s hot water temperatures for showers, laundry, and dish washing. Insulation can prevent heat loss, taking some of the work off your water heater.

Install a System That Lasts

The piping materials you choose will likely be a balance between cost and quality. When selecting the new pipes, consider the hardness of your local water supply and other factors that might prematurely corrode or damage your home’s plumbing. Invest in high-quality materials, and you will save money on future repairs, pinhole leaks and breaks due to corrosion, and other issues that can compromise plumbing pipes over time. Additionally, schedule periodic inspections to ensure that your pipes are holding up as expected. This catches any problems before they become more significant.

Saving on Repiping Is Possible

When you use these money-saving strategies, it’s possible to repipe your home without breaking the bank. Explore the options that work for you, and enjoy the benefits of your new upgraded system. You’ll also appreciate the dollars that remain in your wallet. At Jeff’s Custom Care, we take pride in our work and offer expert repiping services for our Waukesha, WI clients, so call us today for improved plumbing and greater peace of mind.