How Water Treatment Solutions Can Solve Common Problems

The water that runs through your home might not be in the best condition. Thankfully, there are many treatment solutions that can improve the situation. Below, you’ll find information regarding common water problems and their solutions.

Rusty Water

Iron is found in many residential water systems. That iron can cause water to look brown or rusty. While rusty water generally doesn’t pose a health concern, it can be unsightly. Water with a brown tint doesn’t seem very appealing, and it could cause your kitchen and bathroom fixtures to stain. At the same time, it can affect the clothing and dishes that you frequently wash.

There are a number of options that can combat rusty water. Many people choose to have water softening systems installed. Water softeners can remove some iron from your water supply, and specialized iron-filtration systems can tackle the job as well. These systems convert dissolved iron into a solid substance that can be trapped and removed from water.

Hard Water

Hard water, which is water that has a lot of minerals in it, is a common issue. These minerals can leave a residue on your fixtures, on anything you wash in the kitchen sink, and on your clothing. Some people also feel that hard water makes their skin and hair feel dry.

You can use a water softening system to remove minerals from your water. Water softeners typically work by exchanging sodium or potassium ions for calcium and magnesium ions. There are also salt-free water conditioners that can alter the minerals so that they don’t leave residues on your pipes and other household items.

Water That Doesn’t Taste or Smell Good

Sulfur has a distinct smell that’s similar to rotten eggs. Of course, you wouldn’t want to drink water that has this foul odor. To remove sulfur from your water system, think about getting a system that can oxidize and filter the water. This process will change the sulfur into a solid form that can be filtered out.

The chemical affecting your water could also be chlorine. Chlorine is extremely effective as a cleaning material, but if a bit too much chlorine is used, it can affect the taste of water. Fortunately, there are whole-home water filtration systems as well as filtration systems designed for use on the kitchen sink. These can take some of the chlorine out of the water and improve its taste.

Let Us Help You

For the most part, our water systems are quite safe, but the water quality can sometimes be a bit off. The good news is that you can have a water treatment system installed to improve the quality of your water. For water treatment services in Waukesha, WI, call Jeff’s Custom Care.