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6 Signs You Should Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning

It can be easy to clean your kitchen and bathrooms throughout the week and fail to give attention to the drains because of a lack of tools or equipment. Unfortunately, drains accumulate gunk and debris over time as various products and solutions are washed down into the plumbing system. If you suspect your drains are dirty, there are a few signs to watch for that it’s time to schedule professional drain cleaning for your property in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

1. Frequent Clogs

If you’re always fighting clogs in your drains, then it’s a sign that a lot of gunk has likely accumulated. Clogs can form when too much gunk develops in the drains and can be difficult to dislodge with drain cleaners. Founded in the mid-19th century, Waukesha is home to many older homes that have outdated plumbing, which is even more prone to clogs. Reaching out to a professional plumber for drain cleaning services is the best way to address clogging issues.

2. Strange Noises

Strange noises from your drains are not normal. If you are experiencing this problem, a blockage is likely present. You may start to hear gurgling noises, sucking, and dripping sounds due to trapped air that is trying to escape.

3. Strong Odors

When your drains are hiding a lot of gunk and grime, it can cause odors to develop and linger. The odors may also be caused by sewer gas that is coming from the drain system, especially if it is backed up. Professional drain cleaning from a company like Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing in Waukesha can remove the build-up and create a fresh and clean setting in your kitchen or bathroom.

4. Slower Drainage

When your drains are ready to be cleaned, you may notice that the water takes a lot longer to drain. If you notice slow drainage in multiple drains, it can be due to problems in your sewer line.

5. Rodents and Other Critters

Dirty drains are prone to attracting rodents and other critters, which feed off of the waste and attempt to find shelter in your home. Annual drain cleaning can help you to avoid attracting pests that can put your health and safety at risk.

6. Black Slime

Dirty drains can have black slime that has formed, which can come up if you happen to plunge the drain. The black slime comprises all kinds of gunk that has accumulated in your pipes. If you see black slime, it’s time to hire a professional to thoroughly clean the drains before other issues start to develop.

Contact our team at Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing today to learn more about when it’s time to perform professional drain cleaning on your property. Our team is happy to assist you and can explain the different services that we offer.