6 Reasons For Low Water Pressure

There are few things as annoying as standing in a shower with low water pressure or waiting forever for a sink or tub to fill. But unlike some issues around your home, many problems can cause low water pressure. We will explore six of the most common reasons the water pressure in your home has decreased and what you can do to correct this frustrating issue.

You Have A Water Leak

This is a good news-bad news reason for a drop in your home’s water pressure. The good news is that if the pressure drop is throughout the house, you know that the leak is in your home’s main service line. And if you have not seen a significant flood of water inside your home, then the leak is outside. The bad news is that if you live in a house built on a concrete slab foundation and not a basement, it could be a slab leak. These are potentially very hazardous because they are concealed under your home’s foundation and can be costly to locate. But a leak detection specialist will be able to identify the leak in a non-invasive manner.

You Have A Corrosion Issue

If the loss in pressure not due to a leaking pipe, corrosion could be to blame for your lousy water pressure. An isolated issue in a single room or part of your home points to a single corroded pipe. But low pressure at all fixtures could be blamed on a corroded main supply line or all of the pipes in your home. You should notice small flecks and bits of debris in your water when corrosion is to blame. The only solution to old, corroded pipes is a whole home repiping project. But the good news is that once the old pipes are replaced, you will have no further issues. The flex pipe or copper lines used today are not susceptible to corrosion.

You Have Hard Water

Hard water causes significant scale build-up in your home’s water pipes. As the scale increases, the pipe capacity decreases. The result is poor water pressure. If caught early, a vinegar solution can help reduce limescale from pipes and fixtures. But the only long-term solution is a water softener system to remove the minerals.

Your Pressure Regulator Has Failed

Some areas of the country have too much water pressure. And without a pressure regulator on your home, excessive water pressure would damage water lines and fixtures. However, when that device begins to wear out, it can cause the water pressure to drop substantially. Your trusted plumber can inspect your pressure regulator to determine if that is causing your low-pressure issues.

Water Heater Issues

If low pressure is confined to your hot water, the culprit is your water heater. The cause of the problem is likely scale build-up inside the supply line. This is a diagnosis and repair that only a licensed plumber should take care of for you.

Poor City Water Pressure

The water pressure issue might not be related to your home. The city water pressure could have temporarily dropped. There could be issues with the piping, or there could also be repair work in process that has limited the pressure and water supply. The best way to decide if a call to the city is in order is a chat with a few neighbors about their water pressure. 

To locate and correct any issues in your home causing low water pressure, call (262) 710-2808. The Jeff’s Custom Care Plumbing team of licensed plumbers have the expertise to locate the problem quickly and provide cost-effective solutions.