sump pump with water around it

5 Warning Signs of Potential Sump Pump Failure

Your sump pump is your home’s most important line of defense against basement flooding and persistent moisture issues. If this pump begins to malfunction, it could put your property and belongings at risk. Fortunately, these systems can display a range of easily spotted warning signs before they begin to fail. If you spot any of the following sump pump red flags, request professional plumbing service soon to get the system back in shape.

1. Strange Sounds

If your sump pump is in good condition, it shouldn’t make more than a faint humming noise. Loud grinding or rattling could mean there’s an issue with the system’s impeller. A compromised motor may create a noisy buzzing or thumping sound similar to that of a washing machine. Irregular noises can point to a potential efficiency issue or safety risk that requires professional attention.

2. New Visible Rust

Since your sump pump works regularly with water, it’s not unusual for it to develop rust over time. However, sump pump rust is an issue that should be addressed immediately before it leads to a bacterial problem or a corroded battery. In extreme cases, the rusted parts of the system may fall into the plumbing and cause a clog.

3. Won’t Turn On

If the sump pump won’t turn on, you should first check its float switch. This component can become easily tangled in the basin, especially if the supporting brackets have broken. If the system is receiving power but still isn’t responding, it requires repairs. Be sure to turn off the sump pump until you receive service to limit the motor potentially burning out or taking on more damage.

4. Runs Constantly

Never-ending cycling, on the other hand, likely means the sump pump can’t handle its current water load. It might be struggling under the weight of compromised components like a faulty switch or impeller. Sump pumps may run for a few hours at a time depending on your local rainfall. However, they shouldn’t still be pumping out water after a day or two. Running non-stop can increase your energy costs and quickly wear down other vital parts of the system.

5. Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Since sump pumps require electricity to run, they have to pull their power from your circuit breaker. It’s unusual for a pump to trip your breaker as it doesn’t use a lot of energy. However, if you’re encountering electrical problems, it likely relates to faulty wiring or a failing motor.

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