An old pipe breaks in freezing weather

Is It Time to Repipe? Look for These Signs

A dependable source of clean, fresh and safe water is one of life’s necessities, and your home’s plumbing is the unsung hero that delivers. However, time, wear and tear can cause your pipes to deteriorate, posing potential risks to your household. By staying vigilant, you can catch leaks and damage quickly. These critical warning signs can tell you when you need to repipe your home.

Water Flow and Quality

A common sign that your home need repiping is low water pressure. If you notice the water pressure has significantly decreased throughout your home, this could be a sign of corroded or blocked pipes.

If you notice that the water coming out of your faucets tastes metallic or has a brownish or rust-colored tinge, there’s a chance that your pipes have some blockage or corrosion inside. Sometimes, the water may look fine but have a foul odor, possibly related to plumbing issues.

Leaks and Water Damage

Corrosion and other issues can lead to pipes that spring pinhole leaks or worse. If you notice that you’ve had recurrent leaks, especially in different areas of your home, you may have deteriorating pipes that need to be replaced. Wet carpet or buckled flooring can indicate hidden leaks that need attention.

Another telltale sign of hidden water leaks shows up as water stains on your walls or ceilings. If you see these stains appear or smell mildew that seems to be coming from behind a wall, this can indicate hidden pipe leaks that need attention before the leaking water causes any more damage.

Aging Pipes

If you have an older home that still has plumbing of commonly used galvanized steel, the pipes may have corroded over time and need replacement. Maybe your pipes talk to you with gurgling, knocking or clanking sounds when you turn on the water. These sounds indicate corroded pipes or air that has somehow entered your plumbing lines.

As pipes age and break down, you may notice other issues, such as consistently insufficient hot water. Your pipes could be damaged or clogged due to sediment. Some older pipes crack and become infiltrated by tree roots, which causes blockages and limits the water flow.

Protect Your Water Supply

If you notice any of these symptoms, it may be time to have your home repiped to ensure that you and your family can continue to enjoy a good flow of fresh, clear water for drinking, washing and bathing. Recognizing the signs of potential plumbing damage and having them repaired promptly can save you from paying for costly home repairs due to water damage.

When these signs appear, it’s essential to consult a professional plumber to assess the state of your system. They can recommend necessary repairs or repiping to ensure your home’s water supply remains reliable, safe and clean. Don’t let a minor plumbing issue become a significant, costly headache. For professionally installed new pipes in your Waukesha, WI home, contact Jeff’s Custom Care today!